Last.FM discoveries – The Tutts

Last.FM is one of my favorite sites on the internet. Not only does it do a great job of recommending music based on my previous listening history, it also does allows me to type in a tag/genre/phrase and listen to good music found within it.

I often like to play their “New Zealand radio station” and listen to some of the music I heard while gallivanting around the country a number of years ago.

While listening to that station, I stumbled across this band from New Zealand, called The Tutts.

Good old, indie rock.

Another good band from New Zealand (and a CD I even picked up while in the country) is Fat Freddy’s Drop. Definitely some nice, laid back music.

And if we’re talking about New Zealand bands, we can’t forget Flight of the Conchords!

Favorite tracks according to Last.FM

According to, here is the list of songs I’ve listened to most often.

I’ll embed some of the music I can find below.

1.) “Here We Go” by Dispatch

2.) “Drive” by Angie Mattson (I’ve shot photos of her before)

3.) “King Without a Crown” by Matisyahu

4.) “The General” by Dispatch

5.) “Camilo” by State Radio (perhaps my favorite song ever… at least right now)

6.) “Mass Destruction” by Faithless

7.) “Bongo Bong” by Manu Chao