Beats Antique at the Independent

Beats Antique at The Independent

Last night, we checked out Beats Antique (also on at the Independent. They’re a pretty awesome fusion of electronic music with a middle eastern bent. Pretty awesome stuff! I love this sort of ambient music as it makes perfect background music for working and such!

They also feature belly dancers during their live performances, who move in sync to their music. Here is a video recorded from the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco last year.

Another song – Nate is a Daddy

At this rate, I’m going to be able to release a new album very soon. I’d call it “Horrible Songs for Good People.”

Anyway, my friend Nate just had his first child. I decided to pull out the guitar again and write another song! It’s called, “Nate is a Daddy” and is dedicated to him and the new addition to his family. It features his interests (freeways), his favorite sports team (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), and my favorite sports team (Los Angeles Dodgers of Awesome).


Nate is a daddy,
you can be one too!
Nate is a daddy,
what’s he going to do?

Think of all the fun he’ll have,
waking up at night.
Crying babies, lack of sleep,
it’s such a beautiful sight.

He’ll teach her about freeways,
And how the Angels suck.
She should be a Dodger fan,
for good luck.

But all that doesn’t matter,
at the end of the day.
Because Nate is a daddy,
So what do you say?

Nate is a daddy,
what’re you going to do?
Nate is a daddy,
you can be one too!

A birthday song for my roommate

Today is Mark’s birthday. Mark is one of my roommates that I live with. I decided to write a song for him featuring references to his studies in science (bioengineering – eyes), his interests (Shark Week on the Discovery Channel), and his hobbies (making cheesecake).

I went ahead and recorded the song with my Kodak Zi6. So the audio quality isn’t the greatest (nor is the singing ability). But really, what’s the point of posting a video on YouTube if you’re not going to embarrass yourself, right? Here you go!

Lyrics are below:

Happy birthday to Mark
He studies eyeballs in the dark.
He wants to get his Ph.D
That really means a lot to me.

Happy birthday to you Mark.
You enjoy shows about sharks.
And you’ll be a doctor one day,
Which will help with the bills you have to pay.

You are my roommate!
And I think that’s really cool.
You make some great cheesecake,
that makes my mouth drool.
Happy birthday to you Mark.
Happy birthday to you.

Last.FM discoveries – The Tutts

Last.FM is one of my favorite sites on the internet. Not only does it do a great job of recommending music based on my previous listening history, it also does allows me to type in a tag/genre/phrase and listen to good music found within it.

I often like to play their “New Zealand radio station” and listen to some of the music I heard while gallivanting around the country a number of years ago.

While listening to that station, I stumbled across this band from New Zealand, called The Tutts.

Good old, indie rock.

Another good band from New Zealand (and a CD I even picked up while in the country) is Fat Freddy’s Drop. Definitely some nice, laid back music.

And if we’re talking about New Zealand bands, we can’t forget Flight of the Conchords!

Favorite tracks according to Last.FM

According to, here is the list of songs I’ve listened to most often.

I’ll embed some of the music I can find below.

1.) “Here We Go” by Dispatch

2.) “Drive” by Angie Mattson (I’ve shot photos of her before)

3.) “King Without a Crown” by Matisyahu

4.) “The General” by Dispatch

5.) “Camilo” by State Radio (perhaps my favorite song ever… at least right now)

6.) “Mass Destruction” by Faithless

7.) “Bongo Bong” by Manu Chao