Another song – Nate is a Daddy

At this rate, I’m going to be able to release a new album very soon. I’d call it “Horrible Songs for Good People.”

Anyway, my friend Nate just had his first child. I decided to pull out the guitar again and write another song! It’s called, “Nate is a Daddy” and is dedicated to him and the new addition to his family. It features his interests (freeways), his favorite sports team (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), and my favorite sports team (Los Angeles Dodgers of Awesome).


Nate is a daddy,
you can be one too!
Nate is a daddy,
what’s he going to do?

Think of all the fun he’ll have,
waking up at night.
Crying babies, lack of sleep,
it’s such a beautiful sight.

He’ll teach her about freeways,
And how the Angels suck.
She should be a Dodger fan,
for good luck.

But all that doesn’t matter,
at the end of the day.
Because Nate is a daddy,
So what do you say?

Nate is a daddy,
what’re you going to do?
Nate is a daddy,
you can be one too!

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