A birthday song for my roommate

Today is Mark’s birthday. Mark is one of my roommates that I live with. I decided to write a song for him featuring references to his studies in science (bioengineering – eyes), his interests (Shark Week on the Discovery Channel), and his hobbies (making cheesecake).

I went ahead and recorded the song with my Kodak Zi6. So the audio quality isn’t the greatest (nor is the singing ability). But really, what’s the point of posting a video on YouTube if you’re not going to embarrass yourself, right? Here you go!

Lyrics are below:

Happy birthday to Mark
He studies eyeballs in the dark.
He wants to get his Ph.D
That really means a lot to me.

Happy birthday to you Mark.
You enjoy shows about sharks.
And you’ll be a doctor one day,
Which will help with the bills you have to pay.

You are my roommate!
And I think that’s really cool.
You make some great cheesecake,
that makes my mouth drool.
Happy birthday to you Mark.
Happy birthday to you.

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