The 7 Degrees of Retweeting

Earlier this evening, Sony announced (via Twitter) that they would be at the gdgt event this week and show off a demo of a new game.


Sweet! From there, it kept being retweeted by members of team gdgt, just to see how far we could push it.

Two degrees:


Three degrees:


Four degrees:


Five degrees:


Six degrees (what?!):


Seven degrees (now we’re just getting ridiculous!):


It’s like a good old fashioned game of telephone.

Rolling my own URL shortener

Thanks to the popularity of micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, URL shorteners are popping up everywhere., one of the most popular shortening services, has raised over $2 million dollars in funding!

Despite their popularity, URL shortening sites are by no means a permanent fixture on the internet. A perfect example of this was, which announced last month that it was shutting down (and taking down all the links users had generated with it). Fortunately, decided to reverse its decision soon after. However, this shows how potentially vulnerable these services are.

For fun (and peace of mind) – I decided to experiment with creating my own URL shortener for personal purposes! This would allow me to periodically backup my database of links and also serve as a way to bookmark and share content that I find interesting. Plus, I was able to acquire a fun URL as well.

Say hello to!

If you see links from it, you know it’s from me and is something I thought was interesting enough to share! Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. I’d like to do some more things in the future as well (i.e., show a list of the most popular links).

Impending projects

Things have been relatively quiet on this end. You might wonder what’s going on.


I’ve been feverishly working with a few other fine folks on a new website.

Hoping to officially launch in the near future.

Stay tuned.

Trouble with Twitter

San Francisco based Current has the best (and most hilarious) summary I’ve seen yet on what Twitter is all about. I often have a hard time trying to explain to friends and family just what exactly Twitter is.

Also – Twitter co-founder Biz Stone was on the Colbert Report on Thursday night as well. Check out the interview!

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