Rock and Roll, Geology Style!

I would like to take this moment to dedicate a special thanks to my friend Tracy. At the beginning of this month, she forwarded an email to me about the Southern California Earthquake Center and summer internships. Mind you, she is in Boston… majoring in Mathematics. How this email arrived in her in box, I will never know. But knowing that I love geology, she forwarded it along to me! I checked out the website and decided to fill out an application, two days before the deadline (April 5th). I’ve been waiting around since then for word of their decision. Something like 70 students from across the country applied for it.


Looks like I will be moving back down to Southern California for the summer to work at UCLA! Words cannot describe how excited I am to have gotten this. There are a few issues I need to work out, namely if I will be living at my parents and commuting or renting a place in LA somewhere. We’ll figure this out as the time draws near. It is supposed to start at the end of May. What a great experience. All thanks to Tracy for informing me too!

Anyway, I flew back up here yesterday morning after spending the past few days in So Cal. It was beautiful weather and definitely nice to see my parents and hang out with many of my friends again. It was a fairly relaxing experience from the non-stop tedium that is going up here at the moment. My research paper is finally almost done and only 3 weeks late. Good thing too, cause two more papers are coming up soon, plus a final presentation. Ah, to live life in a stressful environment!

Braces supposedly come off in four weeks! You can tell it’s so close, my teeth needs to move just a little more…

Alright, off to write a few more things in my paper before I go to bed. Until next time!

“I wonder why our world is ablaze…”

Alright! Courtesy of their manager, I get to see the Offspring tomorrow night at the Warfield. I have backstage passes too! I’m looking completely forward to that! I haven’t seen them in over a year and they put on a really fun live show, so I am definitely looking forward to that.

I’ll be back down visiting Southern California from April 21 – April 24, mainly for an orthodontist appointment. I am supposed to get my braces off! We’ll see though, since it still looks like there is some moving that needs to be done before then. I miss a lot of people, so that will be good to see friends and family again, although for a very brief amount of time.

I also applied for an internship this summer for the Southern California Earthquake Center. It looks like the competition is pretty tough. If I get it, I’ll be moving back down to So Cal for the summer while I work on that. We’ll see what happens with that, but I think that would be such a great experience. I was looking through the list of people who have had internships with it and I found an old friend from high school that I haven’t talked to in years! I sent her an email recently, so that was cool to talk to her again. Considering all the news reports about possible earthquakes in Southern California this summer, I think this could be a perfect timing for an internship.

See everyone soon!

Being sick is the devil

I’ve been sick the last week! It all started out as a simple cold and developed into this horrid sinus infection. After going to urgent care yesterday, they gave me some antibiotics, and I already feel 100% better! Too bad I didn’t do that earlier in the week, since I am missing a geology field trip that is currently going on this weekend. Doh!

Between school projects, geology trips, work (and lack thereof, due to being sick), being sick in general, this has been one of the most stressful weeks of my entire academic life! Luckily, it is coming to a close.

So I’ve moved into the new pad! What is it like so far? Well first off, check out the view:
First, Second and the stairway I have to climb to get to the house! I need to do some fixing in my room though. The curtain rod decided to fall out of the wall for no good reason, so for now, I have the curtains nailed to the wall.

In other news, it looks like NASA has extended the missions for both the Mars rovers too. That is exciting to see. I’ve been following those things like mad the past 3 months. NASA is hoping they can both last until September, which would put them at 8 months of being operational on the surface, or nearly 3 times longer than scientists had initially planned.

A new home!

Evidentially I spoke too soon in my last post. The people at that house called me back! So we set everything up and I will be moving all my stuff over there tonight. Once I get pictures of the new place, I’ll post them. I’m looking forward to this so much.

Rearranging the furniture

Alright. Doing some cleaning up and redesigning of certain parts of the site. First and most notable (or not…) is that I’ve eliminated the news page entirely. It really conveyed no important information, and any news that I need to pass on will just be written in my blog anyway. So, goodbye news! Secondly, I’m trying to setup a forums section for discussion of certain topics. The forum is basically up and running but I don’t really have a public link for it yet since I’m still trying to sort out some basic issues. This is probably a useless feature that will most likely involve discussions mainly about geology between myself and me. Anyway, once I get all the kinks worked out, I’ll make the link public.

I spent part of this week apartment/house hunting for rooms to rent. I came across a good offer on craigslist and went to go check it out. $490 for a room in a 2 story house in the Golden Gate Heights area. It had an AMAZING VIEW. The people who lived there were very cool and the whole setup seemed great. I was really looking forward to it and thought I made a pretty good impression on them. Evidentially not, since they never called me back, even after I called them a few times during the past couple of days. Argh! Oh well, my closet will have to suffice for now.

Anyway, I just realized that it’s 3 in the morning. What on earth am I doing up at this time? I guess trying to enjoy as much of my last day of spring break as possible. Though thanks to this, I’ll probably be sleeping through most of it!

Why is art, “art”?

Today, my parents, Michelle and I went down to SF-MOMA, which is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Apparently, it is the second largest museum in the United States consisting of contemporary art. Overall it was neat. Though I don’t think I am left brained enough to grasp some of the very abstract things that some of these artists attempt. For example, why is a piece of blank canvas considered art? A urinal signed by someone in 1917 is also considered art. It is interesting to think about, but all it mostly accomplishes is making my head hurt!

One of the floors was dedicated to photography, which I found much more interesting. In fact, one of the rooms on that floor had quite a few pictures of Redlands! That was surprising and nostalgic. Another interesting section was based on nothing but objects. There were sculptures as well as various “everyday” objects that were on display.

To get into the spirit of things, I think I will get myself into this whole “modern art” phenomenon as well. The following piece is entitled with something that has nothing to do with the picture (this seems to be one of the rules when creating modern art). The title: “Watermelon Over a Blue Moon.” Secondly, I have applied a few bright and weird colors. Third, I leave it up to your own interpretation! 🙂

Watermelon over a Blue
“Watermelon Over a Blue Moon”

Yesterday, I had my 30 day review at work. It went completely great! None of the supervisors had any sort of complaints about me. We went over the file that is kept on me and there were a few good comments written in there from some of the supervisors as well! The review form had two sections on “Good Things” and “Things that need Improving”. The Good section was full of comments and the Needs Improvement section had almost nothing. Just very basic stuff such as “Needs more experience on the floor.” That made me so happy, I think I had a huge cheesy grin on my face the rest of the day.

Other random things that are notable: Went swimming today for the first time since about September. I love water! I wish I was a stronger swimmer though, that comes with practice. Hopefully I’ll go a lot more. I definitely want to get back into a workout routine as well. I had one for awhile then got caught up with moving/school/work. Also, met a very cute girl from London today, who is on vacation. That was a neat experience.

Need to start looking for a new apartment too. The room I am staying in is entirely too small, plus our lease is up in a few months anyway. If I can find something, I’ll probably move out immediately. I may end up looking around Haight, Fillmore or Church. Those are my top priorities, though those areas may be kind of expensive. We’ll have to see how this goes!

Lastly, David and I were jamming last night. I was showing him ideas I had for a new song. He came up with some awesome riffs and suggestions that really inspired me. I think I might create a cheesy web page detailing the evolution of a song. There may even be vocals and lyrics eventually! Stay tuned for more info! 😉

[Updated: (3/23) 2:03AM] – Click here to check on the evolution of a song! A crappy mp3 is also posted.

What you won’t see on the news

I attended my first antiwar protest today. It was a powerful experience. There were people from all types of backgrounds, all sorts of opinions and even all levels of intelligence there. One of the coolest events was seeing Peter Camejo speak. It’s really too bad he isn’t taken more seriously, he is an amazing orator and does a great job at getting his views across in a rational matter. You can view pictures I took of the protest here.

Yesterday I went exploring and ended up walking for a few miles along Ocean Beach. It was such a beautiful day. I will have to post those pictures soon. In other news, Michelle went down to Southern California to visit our parents for the first part of spring break. Michelle and my parents are driving up tomorrow and they will spend a few days up here. I’m excited to see them.

Spring break is now officially in session. Though sadly, I will be working through it for both my job as well as a report in geology. We’re analyzing a landslide that happened in Marin and basically coming up with erosion rates for a small watershed for the past 13,000 years basically. It is going to be such an intense report and I haven’t even started. Due in 3 weeks too!

Newly hired!

Got the job at TJ’s! Rad! So that will give me a much needed financial infusion. So far it has been pretty good working there and everyone I work with is really friendly.

The last few weeks have been extraordinarily busy though, between working and school. This past weekend we went on a field trip into Marin and measured a landslide that happened in the 1980’s for our geomorphology class. It was a busy day, but what an amazingly beautiful area. I will definitely have to come back there.

Last week I planned to drive back down to Southern California after classes got out at night. On the way to school on Wednesday, something like 2 inches of rain fell within 30 minutes, creating all sorts of flooding and power outages. School ended up being cancelled, so I took the opportunity and drove down earlier than I had planned. Though it ended up raining the entire drive home, so that was a stressful 7 hours.

I had an orthodontist appointment and I was dropping my car off since I hadn’t touched it while I’ve been up here and also don’t want to have to worry about parking tickets or it getting broken into. After my orthodontist appointment, I hung out with friends from all walks of life during the day. It was good to see a lot of close friends again as well as some of my geology buddies that I’ve left behind down there. Interestingly enough, one of the guys I am going to school with up here knows a friend of mine at Cal State San Bernardino. He went to high school with her and they both attended some geology classes together over at R.C.C. Crazy!

I bought an adapter for my computer so I uploaded some videos to the site. Check out the downloads section to see them, but I don’t recommend trying if you are on dial up. They are pretty hefty downloads.

It’s raining people!

I was coming home from school yesterday and got off the train like I normally do. As I’m riding the escalator up, I notice a rather frail old man in front of me. He steps off the platform and takes a few small steps, more like shuffling his feet. I was thinking to myself, “Hmm, that doesn’t look natural.” As soon as I finished that thought, he collapsed. As he fell forward, he landed on a lady who was in front of him. She was caught totally unaware and landed flat on her face. I remember exclaiming, “Oh shit!” I ran to old woman who was laying face down and to see if she was okay. A few other people did that same. Looking over to the old man, his eyes were rolled up into his head and he was on the ground shaking. My phone had no reception in the station so I stood up and yelled for someone to call 911 or get the BART police. After a few more moments of yelling this, one of the people working one of the transit booths ran over and told me that BART police were on the way.

Another guy went to help the old man, who had now come to. We picked him up and asked if he was alright. He was still completely unresponsive though and mumbling a bunch of random words. There was no way he could stand on his own, so we carried him to a railing and had him sit against it. Two police officers showed up a few moments later and started asking some questions. I explained what happened along with another lady who was tending to the woman who fell. After a few moments, the officers said we were free to go. As I was leaving, the old man looked at me, waved and gave a thumbs up sign.

Still no luck regarding the job hunt. Waiting for TJ’s to call me back. Crossing my fingers and hoping they liked me well enough. Back to the grind!

Cramped Quarters.

Classes finally started last week. Originally, I was signed up to take Geomorphology, Paleontology, Volcanology and Physics II. Total of 14 units and a fairly large load. Volcanology ended up having only one other person in the class with me, so that will most likely be cancelled. I ended up dropping it anyway, so that frees up my Wednesday nights. Physics II is going to be hell and from the reviews I’ve read on, I need to stay as far away from this woman as possible. So I dropped that. That only gave me 7 units (I believe I need 8 to qualify for full time status). SFSU has this requirement called Segment III classes that all students are required to take. They are basically a choice of classes from a large group that you must take. I chose a geology related one entitled “Our Violent Earth”. It seems like it will be cake! So this semester should be relatively easy.

Had a job interview with Trader Joe’s on Friday. As I was sitting down, I noticed my application had a post-it note attached to it that said “Good 1st Impression.” Awesome! I felt fairly confident about the interview too. They said they would call me this week sometime to inform me of their decision. Hopefully I nailed it!

My bedroom is basically complete. My main computer is hooked up and I am back in business! So what does my bedroom look like? Check out the pictures! And no, those posters aren’t mine. I just haven’t had a chance to take them down yet. Pretty cramped quarters if I do say so myself. The cool thing is that I built that bed myself. I’m quite pleased with that.

Pic 1 – Looking inside the bedroom.
Pic 2 – From the inside, looking out.
Pic 3 – Under the desk.

Also posting a new song that I actually put together quite awhile ago. Entitled “Electromagnetic” since it was completely put together on the computer. I was messing around in Fruity Loops and creating some drum beats and bass lines when I came up with it. It is kinda catchy. 2 minutes and 38 seconds is the run time. 2.5mb download, get it here.

Lastly, I meant to post about this last week. Upon my arrival to San Francisco 2 weeks ago, my car had been parked out in front of my sister’s apartment for not more than 3 hours when I received my first parking ticket. It was kind of like a welcoming present.