An Email to Speaker Pelosi

I sent an email to Speaker Pelosi earlier today…

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

I am a registered Democrat and a resident living in San Francisco and reside in California’s 8th district. I am writing you today about my opposition to the bailout proposal that Congress is currently working on.

While I understand the dire conditions of the economy (and have witnessed the effects first hand – I was laid off from my job one month ago), I do not think it is fair for the tax payers and ordinary Americans to shoulder the burden of bad financial investments made on behalf of our banking and lending institutions.

I also understand that some sort of action is needed, but giving $700 billion dollars to Secretary Paulson carte blanche seems dangerous and irresponsible. Would it not be better to give the Treasury a smaller amount of money (such as $100 or $150 billion dollars) and ask them to come back and justify further requests for cash?

As a registered Democrat, it has been frustrating watching our legislative branch repeatedly cow towards pressure from the White House on funding for the Iraq war, FISA and offshore oil drilling. I urge you and your fellow members of Congress to not do the same with a significant amount of our tax payer dollars and the economy on the line.

Thank you for your time.


Dave Schumaker


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