“My rights are denied by
Those least qualified
Trading profit for pride
But it’s okay
Everything’s backwards
In Americana my way”

-“Americana”, The Offspring

Last night my roommates and I went and saw Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”. The movie was almost 2 hours long, and had a few parts where the movie seemed to drag. Overall though, Moore does an excellent job of exposing Bush’s false pretense for war with Iraq. The amount of lies this administration has spouted is disgusting. And somehow, Bush is still running neck and neck with Kerry! Ugh, what is wrong with this country? Anyway, definitely check out that movie if you get a chance. It’s completely worth it.

While I’m still somewhat undecided on this election (I personally don’t care much for Kerry), I’m positive I won’t be voting for Nader in this election. I’m not too thrilled with him. Sadly, he tapped Peter Camejo to be his running mate! Camejo ran for governor under the Green Party banner for the California recall election. After seeing him speak at the antiwar protests in San Francisco, as well as watching him in the televised debates, I think he is one of the best orators I have seen. Had he been nominated as the Green Party’s presidential candidate, I would have easily voted for him. Of course there’s the whole issue of “how bad do we want Bush out of the White House?” I always have believed voting isn’t about strategy, it’s about what your heart wants. Of course my utter contempt for the current administration has me somewhat confused on what to do. Kerry is going to need every vote he can get. Ugh. There is still around 5 months to decide I suppose. We’ll have to see what happens. In the meantime, how about some political propaganda?

One Thousand Reasons
Open Secrets

Today I went to USC for a communications workshop that was setup for all the SCEC interns. I definitely have to say, UCLA is way better in my opinion! Though USC is a private school, and a fairly prestigious one at that. Still, I am totally in love with UCLA.

One of the speakers today was Dr. Lucy Jones, who many of us Southern Californians are familiar with since all the news networks interview her after a major earthquake. She was quite an energetic person. She was telling us some funny stories, such as the seismologists at their Pasadena office have come up with a new naming convention for earthquakes. It is based on how many news vans show up in front of their office. The recent San Diego quake that was located offshore and didn’t damage anything was classified as a “6 truck earthquake.” Hah!

Anyway, I’m off to go run! Last week I ran a mile in 7 minutes and 41 seconds, that is so awesome for me!