Killer Canines, independence and a new system

I spent quite a bit of this weekend setting up a new system for web blogs on my site. The system is called WordPress. This should make it about a million times easier to post journals and things on my website.

For those who aren’t familiar with how blogs work, most of them have a simple system to post. Basically, the user opens up a special webpage, types their entry into a text box and clicks “Post!” The website is automatically updated and everything is set. Very simple, quick and easy. However, that isn’t that way I’ve been doing it for the past 9 months I’ve had this. I directly edited my webpage, typing the entry into it, saving the page, then uploading the new page to my server. It was a fairly tedious process. Everytime I wanted to create archive pages, I had to manually create them.

Now with WordPress, I have the amazingly awesome functionality of all these other blogs on the internet! I can simple type my latest entry into a textbox and click post it. The webpage and archives page are all automatically taken care of. I’m quite pleased with this so far actually! The most noticable improvement is the monthly archives list on the left hand side of the screen. Commenting is now also much easier.

Of course importing all my previous blog entries was a huge pain, since I had to import every single one of those by hand, as well as retype all the comments that had been made for previous posts. Anyway, after slaving around, it looks like everything is in working order. If you notice any quirks or problems, feel free to email me.

Anyway, on the way back home to Redlands on Friday night, I was driving in the fast lane, which entails going about 75 miles an hour. All of a sudden, my headlights shine on a medium sized dog that suddenly appears right in the middle of my lane! I screamed and instinctively swerved, flying across two lanes of traffic. That was incredibly frightening. This was still near LA, so the fast lane has absolutely no shoulder. How the dog got there is mind boggling. It’s also scary to think that if there was a car to the left of me, I would have slammed into it, since I just completely jerked the steering wheel without even thinking. Ugh, that could have been disastorous. I really doubt the dog lasted long, since the traffic flow was somewhat heavy. πŸ™

This weekend, I hung out with Nate, Nic and Dan for fourth of July celebrations. Nic, Nate and myself went to the University of Redlands to watch the large fireworks show they put on every year. My thinking was fairly clouded though. Here we are celebrating our country and being patriotic while on the other side of the world, people our age are dying in vain, for an unwarranted war. Eh.

After this, Dan and I went to his brother’s house for a party. It was a very cool group of people there. There were some interesting people I got to meet, which is always a great experience. It was nice to hang out with them.

This next week is pretty busy, especially in regards to music. On Wednesday, I am going to try to see Terra Naomi play and on Friday, I definitely want to check out Angie Mattson again too. Such great, talented musicians, who both have amazing voices! It also looks like I’ll be going up to San Francisco for Saturday and Sunday. Before I found out about my internship, I bought a ticket to see Tsunami Bomb up in S.F. Granted, it was only a $9 ticket, but I still want to see them. Plus my trip will serve two purposes, as I’ll be bringing my sister back home for a week as well. It will be nice to visit the city. I already miss it so much. Hopefully there will be enough time to say hi and hang out with some people up there too! (Harmony! :-P) I’ll keep everyone posted.

Well, here is the first test of the new blog system. Let’s cross out fingers. πŸ™‚