It’s like weird people are attracted to me!

Today I was sitting on a hill near Mulholland Drive, babysitting a radio antenna for an hour or so, while we were testing shooting signals back and forth over a distance of several miles. It’s quite hot and lonely as well. To my surprise, a car pulls off the road and an older man gets out and strolls over to me. Being my good natured self, I think, “Oh! A new friend to talk to and kill some time!”

The conversation goes like this:
Me: “Hello!”
Him: “That looks like an interesting setup you have there.”
Me: “Yes, it’s part of a seismology experiment we’re doing at UCLA.”
Him: “Seismology. That’s nice. Say, I’ll tell you what you should be studying!”
Me: (With baited anticipation) “Hah, what’s that?”
Him: “The power of God, that’s what!”

Err. Excuse me? So here I am, basically in the middle of nowhere, and a crazy person still finds me! To talk to me about the power of his friend evidentially. He talked about things like how he got back from a crusade (which immediately scared me) and it was amazing to see all these kids there experience the “power of the lord.” What was this power?

Him: “Well the Reverend asked if everyone could feel his power, and suddenly, everyone in the room fell over!”

At this point, I pulled our laptop out of the case and started frantically pushing buttons. Unfortunately, there was no magic escape key for him, but I figured if enough interesting windows flashed on the screen, he’d leave me alone! After carrying on for about 10 more minutes over this bizzare event he went to, he finally went on his way. I was saved! Well, maybe not by his standards, but it was good enough for me. 😛

Alright, I was going to go to S.F. on Saturday morning, but I’ve decided on a whim to go now… as in, like 10 minutes. 🙂 So this will give me a little more time to relax and see people, and it will be nice to not drive up one day, only to drive down the next day.

Off I go!