Back in the Bay Area

I arrived at Michelle and David’s new apartment in Berkeley about a half hour ago. Oh man. I am so unbelievably jealous! I thought my place was awesome, their’s just completely blows mine away! (At least I have a rad scenic view!)

Basically, when our parent’s next come up to visit, they are going to have to look at my place first, otherwise they won’t be impressed.

My place: “Oh wow, this is nice.”
Michelle’s: “THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!”

They won’t have an internet connection until July 15th though. Whatever is one to do? Thanks to the miracles of modern technology (laptop plus this wireless card), I am now borrowing one of their neighbor’s internet connections. 🙂 It’s scary how easy it is to find an unsecured, wireless internet connection almost anywhere now. Though it is also quite convienent.

Anyway, time for bed. It’s nice to be back here in the Bay Area. Even if it’s only for 2 whole days.