Proving time and again that SF is the world’s smallest city

I am back down in Southern California. My sister and I drove back down yesterday, and spent nearly 10 hours on the road as we took the 101 freeway down instead of the 5. Then we made a few scenic detours through LA and showed her my apartment here. (She was less than impressed by it to say the least!)

On Saturday night, I had yet another “Wow, this city is so small!” experience. Back in March, I met this amazingly awesome girl from Berkeley. Just crazy intelligent, great sense of humor, into excellent music and an all around awesome person. We hung out, even had a dinner together. Then never really spoke to each other again. That was kind of a bummer. Evidentially, the power of my dorkiness was too much for her. Hah. In anycase, I saw her at the show last night! I haven’t seen her in 4 months (not to mention that she lives in Berkeley), and I see her at a music club in San Francisco the one day I am up there this whole summer. This city never ceases to amaze me.

The show itself was awesome! One of the best shows I’ve seen Tsunami Bomb play (that was my 9th time seeing them). I guess it was extra special since they were basically on their home turf. Before the show, I was hanging out with some fans I know from their message boards, whom I’ve seen at other shows. Mike, TB’s guitarist (who I bought the guitar from last year), was walking around the sidewalk before the doors opened and saw us. He said hello and remembered every single one of us. It was great getting to talk with him, he is one of the friendliest people I have ever come in contact with. Once we were inside, we chatted about various guitar stuff as well. After the show, we were all back on the sidewalk and got to hangout with the band some more. Em, their singer, stayed until every single person who wanted an autograph was gone. That is so great to see. They are just the raddest group of people.

This weekend made me realize just how much I miss the Bay Area. I’ve been kinda down today now that I’m back down in So Cal. There’s things I love about both parts of the state though. However, I cannot wait to go back up north. Only around 5 more weeks or so to go though.

The one thing that I am kind of saddened for is that I haven’t really had time to enjoy to summer. Basically the weekends are the only time I am free. I’ll have a week and a half between when my internship ends and when school starts, so perhaps I’ll take a mini-vacation sometime then.

Anyway, off to a bonfire with the roommates and their friends! Ta ta.