The Glamorous Life of a Poor College Student

If you’re a college student, it’s inevitable that the word “poor” will eventually become associated with you. I think for the most part I’ve managed, but this semester is especially difficult due to an intense school schedule and hardly any time to work. So I’ve been slowly watching my bank account dwindle, while limiting the amount of extra curricular activies that I do. Despite this, it still seems like my bank account is, erm… leaking. Serves me right for living in one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

The job with the California Geological Survey has apparently fell through, since state funding is basically nonexistant. At the moment, I have a few options on my table. I have some guitars I want to sell (hard to believe, I know) and possibly even my huge amp. At this point in time, I don’t think the band thing is going to pan out, and it’s just taking up space and money that could be used elsewhere. I’m also considering posting on craigslist and advertising for any sort of services for webpage design, since it’s something I know how to do and could probably make a few bucks off of.

I even applied at REI today too. While I hardly have any free time to work (and it will cut into study time most likely), it seems like a fun place to work and would be an environment where I could somewhat stimulate my brain, as I learn about various outdoor equipment. Unfortunately, the lady behind the counter said they are not currently hiring. I also briefly considered walking into Trader Joe’s, since they love me there and have said on many occassions that I am welcome back anytime. I think that is my “last resort” option though, since bagging groceries for 7 hours a day isn’t the most appealing task in the world.

Anyway, monetary issues have had me kind of down lately. Other than that, things are going alright. While I’m not a huge fan of rain, it’s amazing to walk around San Francisco at night when it is coming down. Hardly anyone is on the streets, few cars driving and things just appear so clean and crisp. It’s beautiful and peaceful. At least until you realize you stepped in a huge puddle and now your foot is soaked. 😉