Rock Climbing

Rock climbing at the gym tonight was one of the most fun things that I’ve ever had a chance to do. It was initially stressful, but Meghen kept working with me and offering support, eventually moving me to some bigger and bigger walls. I finally felt comfortable during my last climb of the night (which was convienently the hardest climb of the night for me). There is something about the thought of slipping and falling 40 feet that just isn’t appealing. Granted, the ropes and your belay person will save you, so that if you slip, nothing happens. But it takes awhile to get to that point.

My first few climbs, which were up a small wall were tense and I was nervous (hands were sweaty!), so it made it hard to grip some of the rocks, even with chalk. After doing a few climbs though, I felt comfortable on the wall and with the rope. Eventually, I decided that hanging in mid-air is kind of fun! It takes awhile to get over the feeling of “Oh my God, I’m going to die!!” Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete the last climb of the night since I kept getting stuck on some slightly technical move and falling off the wall. We finally gave in since I was frustrated and my body was also EXHAUSTED from working so hard.

Meghen was pretty insane. Of course she’s been doing this for something like 6 years too. I definitely want to go back. The only downside is that membership to that gym is $60 a month! They have a student “discount” which only knocks $60 off of the normal initiation fee of $125. Ugh! I’m a poor college student, I don’t think I can justify that at the moment. 🙁 I might drop in once every few weeks though and just pay the walk-in fee. I have to say, it’s somewhat addicting.

Afterwards, we ate dinner at good old In N’ Out (which I’m beginning to think is like a church to me… I’ll explain that one some other time). Then we rented “The Motorcycle Diaries”, which I thought was a great movie. I’m not sure what I liked about it so much though, since the movie wasn’t that deep or particularly moving. However, it was filmed very well and it was interesting to see how Che Guevara started to develop his initial feelings and political beliefs and his empathy of others.

Anyway, it’s been an awesome and long day. Time for some well deserved rest!