A Night of Good Rock

Tsunami Bomb at the TroubadourI saw Tsunami Bomb on Saturday night for my thirteenth time! (That reminds me that I need to update my show list on this site) It was a special “bomb-squad” (as they call their fan club) party plus show. Being the incredibly dorky person that I am, I’m a member of this group and was able to buy a ticket for the pre-show event (which started at 4pm). They had something like 200 tickets available for this, but only 80 were sold. Evidentially, this is due to the fact that the show was in Petaluma (about 45 minutes north of here… and their own home town), while the majority of their fans are located in Southern California.

A similar event I attended for them last year in Southern California yielded a packed house. This time was pretty mellow, which was nice since it actually gave everyone a chance to talk to the band. Food and other goodies were provided and we all hung out for roughly 3 hours, before doors opened to the public and it was time to rock!

I saw A LOT of old friends that I haven’t seen in awhile, whom I’ve met through attending their shows… even people I know from Southern California. So it was kind of like a reunion for a bunch of us Tsunami Bomb nerds. It’s pretty neat to see people make a roadtrip go see a great band. I’ve done it myself a few times. 🙂

Their old bassist, Dominic (who parted the band on bad terms quite awhile ago, but I met “way back in the day”) decided to show up and check out the show. I haven’t talked to him in quite a long time, so that was great getting to see him again. He has his own band now (Love Equals Death) who I haven’t yet seen, but I kind of enjoy some of their stuff.. He also introduced me to his girlfriend and she told me about her band. I checked out some of their songs and they are quite awesome! Her band’s name is Gazelle. It’s punkish but has this interesting feel to it. If you’re interested in chick-fronted rock, check it out. For those who know my friend Janice, it is almost akin to her old band (though a little more melodic and with a harder edge), Get The Girl.

I also found a live video of Tsunami Bomb playing a song. You can check it out if you’re interested to see what I’m so excited about. Beware, it’s a 30 MB mpeg. Scroll down until you find the file by Tsunami Bomb.
PunkRockVids.Com Live Videos

So in school news (I decided to start breaking this down into sections since my posts tend to wander all over the place), I submitted my paper for the student research competition. I should hear from the Office of Graduate Studies this week to determine when I give a presentation on my topic that will be judged. I’m looking forward to that, especially since I think I’ll do pretty well.

Also, for some strange reason, I’ve also been thinking about a lot of strange physics type of problems recently (perhaps it’s something in the water I’m drinking?). One of them dealt with generators that produced energy based on tidal influxes and whether building lots of these would have some sort of negative effect on overall tidal energy. A nerdy thing to think about I suppose. Another thing I’ve been thinking about is something called Lagranian Points, which are points in space between two bodies where gravity between them is basically canceled out. It’s a pretty interesting phenomenon that I just heard about recently and have been reading about in various publications and articles.

After having some fuzzy thinking about all of this, I decided to email Maureen, who I know would have a lot to say on the matter and be able to offer me some unique insight. However, we haven’t talked in nearly a year, as our friendship basically came to a disastrous end. I guess I did it partly out of curiosity of these questions and partly out of some strange urge to talk to her again. She is one of the few people I know who I could ever have amazingly deep conversations with (I remember we stood in her driveway for 30 minutes one day debating over whether or not Pluto was actually a planet. Oh yes! That should solidify any lingering doubts you may have had over whether or not I’m a complete nerd). So I guess part of me misses those conversations and the friendship we had. It’s a shame that the whole dating thing had to get in the way of what was an awesome friendship and ultimately ruin things in the long run. I’d like to think we’re both quite mature people and able to handle that. Oh well. Anyway, she did write back and offered a great response that opened my mind to some new ideas on the subject (just like they used to).

Anyway, I think I’m being a little too nostalgic (perhaps it’s directly related to the fact that it is 1:20AM?). It’s definitely weird how you can go months without thinking about someone and then you just start randomly thinking about them again. The brain works in mysterious ways. Until next time…