Spring Cleaning…

I really should update the design of my website to less dreary colors. It’s kind of depressing… almost as if this page is in constant mourning or something. I’ll file that plan away when I have some more free time.

Anyway, as is becoming a Tuesday tradition, I missed my Petrology class again! Oh yes. What was the excuse this time? More faulty alarm clocks? Earthquakes? Fires? Famine? Power outages or a herd of angry buffalo? Nope. I woke up at 7 AM, thought to myself, “Hmm, I think I’m going to take the day off!” Yawned and went back to sleep. Wonderful! Probably not the smartest idea in the world however. Ugh.

Random things: After having some second thoughts about the internship in Southern California this summer, I’m coming to the conclusion that I don’t want to do it. Evidentially, I’ll be digging holes in the Mojave Desert all summer, for the amazing sum of just over $7.00/hr. I suppose I should take what I can get, but I’d much rather be doing an actual research internship with something that is going to apply towards my life.

We’ll see what happens with the internship in Colorado though. The decision was supposed to be made by April 1st. It’s now… April 13th. I wrote an email a few days ago asking for any information and I received an automated response saying, “Thanks for the message! I am gone from March 31st to April 18th! I’ll reply to your email when I return.” Lame!

If the Colorado internship doesn’t pan out, it looks like I will spend this summer up in the Bay Area. That’s fine, I’ll end up doing Chemistry II in summer school. Of course it’s going to cost me nearly $800 to register for that damn class and no other community colleges are offering it! Ugh!

Anyway, if I complete that, it means next semester will be quite relaxing! (Well, relaxing if you don’t count the Physics III part of it). That’s really the only major class I’ll need to take next semester. Maybe I can do some cool electives to take up units. Or, since my health coverage apparently ends in January anyway, it might not matter if I’m a full time student. Having that as my only class would be AMAZING.

Also, I spoke with Nate tonight and we came up with the idea of an interesting road trip. My summer school ends roughly July 8th. Him and Christina will be at their summer house in Montana until roughly July 17th. I’ve been eager to go on a road trip too. He proposed that I could drive out to Montana after school to spend the week with them and then we all drive back down to Southern California in my car (since they will be initialy flying into Montana).

However, I could extend my drive to visit them by a few days. I’m thinking of something like going northwards… to Crater Lake and then Mount St. Helens. All the way up to Seattle, and then cut across eastward to go to Montana. Maybe 4 or 5 days of driving when I factor in the places I want to stop. That would give me maybe 3 to 4 days in Montana as well. That would be an AWESOME summer road trip. This is definitely something I want to think about. How amazing that could be.

In other news, Meghan and I went on an 8-mile hike at Point Reyes Seashore on Saturday. That is such a beautiful place and I definitely want to go back. Plus, Meghan is awesome company as well! Afterwards, we were both famished, so we went to Zachary’s Pizza in Berkeley (to quote many different people, “The Best Pizza In The World.”) We invited my sister along as well. My sister told me afterwards that “she is one of the only girls you’ve ever met that I’ve liked.” That’s definitely a compliment!

Also, all of us are going to go rock climbing next week! I’m pretty excited. That was so fun the last time we did it and it will be awesome to bring my sister (and hopefully David) along too. Meghan also mentioned something about climbing Mt. Shasta this summer. Sounds like I have quite a summer lined up already.

Lastly, Dan is flying up this weekend. That will be awesome and it’s quite cool that my friends and family like San Francisco so much.

Anyway, time for bed…