Academic Weather Forecast: Smooth Sailing

Well my “academic weather forecast” for the next week or so calls for calm weather. All my pertinent assignments are turned in, presentations given and field trips carried out. I have a small quiz tomorrow evening in volcanology, but I’m not too worried about that (though I should be, the last test was a bear! Still managed to pull off a “B” though).

So to celebrate, I missed my petrology class today. Oh yes! What actually happened is that my alarm clock is a rancid piece of trash. For some odd reason, the snooze button doesn’t work anymore. However, I’m not going to let a wimpy little thing like the snooze button stop me from snoozing for another 15 minutes! So I’ve taken to just manually resetting the alarm clock forward 15 minutes and going back to sleep. That is dedication for you.

However, today I evidentially set my CLOCK forward 15 minutes and not my alarm clock. Unaware I did that, I went back to sleep (where I had some horrible dream about my teeth falling out). When I finally woke up, I thought “that was a REFRESHING 15 minutes of sleep! Wait… something must be wrong.” I look at the clock to see that it is now 10:05! (In actuality, it’s 9:50). Regardless, my class started at 8AM. So much for going to that.

Sunset above Pyramid Lake, NevadaField Trip
This past weekend, our Quaternary Geology class had a field trip to Pyramid Lake, located in western Nevada. It probably ranks as one of the best geology trips that I have ever been on. A large class (especially for an upper division class in our program: 21 people), but everyone was just completely awesome.

In terms of stuff to see and work to do, it wasn’t bad at all. And all of it was definitely interesting, as we looked at deposits relating to an ancient lake called Lake Lahontan. Check out the photo gallery from the trip.

Also, I filmed an interesting video of us throwing a lighter into the fire. Oh yes. Probably not the smartest thing to do at 1 in the morning. Regardless, check out some looney college students. The video is a 7mb AVI file. Blowing Up Lighters

Until next time.