Spring Break!

Spring Break is almost officially over. It’s definitely been nice to basically laze around for the past few days and be completely unproductive. That said, I still have two papers to work on that are due Wednesday, neither of which I have really started yet. Looks like that is what I’ll be dedicating today and tomorrow for!

Anyway, I flew home to my parent’s house for a few days in Southern California on Saturday and had the distinct pleasure of missing my plane! Totally my fault, since I misjudged the amount of time it’d take to BART across the bay. The person behind the counter told me I’d be put on a standby waiting list, but that all the flights for the rest of the evening were sold out! Luckily, the next plane had space (perhaps those people ran late as well?) and I was able to fly home an hour later.

I got to hang out with the gang every night I was down, so that was awesome to see them again. Of course this is the only time I’ll be able to go home this whole semester, so it’s kind of depressing that I didn’t get to spend more time there. It was definitely an awesome time of year. The orange groves are blossoming (at least what’s left of them before they’re torn down to make way for houses), tons of monarch butterflies are doing their migration as well, which was awesome to see. Just a bunch of awesome sights and smells.

I flew back up here on Tuesday and have been fairly lazy since then. We decided to hold a birthday-for-roommate/end-of-spring-break party at the place last night which was a wild success. David and Michelle came, as well as some of our friends from Southern California who were visiting. I’ll have to post some pictures later.

This past week hasn’t completely been a loss though! I applied for this internship yesterday, however it’s going to be quite competitive since there is only one spot open.

Anyway, time to start writing papers!