Do you know where your personal information is?

Update: And yet here are some more cases! Perhaps I’ll just make this a running list. Anyway, in the latest news: 180,000 people had their personal data stolen from Polo Ralph Lauren and GM Mastercards.

Also added info on data theft from DSW Shoe Warehouse in March that I didn’t originally notice. 100,000 people affected in that incident.

People Affected So Far In 2005: 1,297,000

Original Post – April 10, 2005

Lately, I feel as if I’ve been reading a steadily increasing amount of news reports that talk about identity theft and stolen private information. I decided to do a little research and track every single story of 2005 that I could find that related to these things. It’s appalling! So far, I’ve found 6 stories on stolen information that total nearly 537,000 people in 2005 alone! It’s disgusting.

Date: 04-18-2005
Name of Organization: Ameritrade
Location: Maryland
How: Lost backup tape with shipping agency
People Affected: 200,000

Date: 04-14-2005
Name of Organization: Polo Raplh Lauren – Mastercards
How: “Security Breach” – Hackers
People Affected: 180,000

Date: 04-08-2005
Name of Organization: San Jose Medical Group
Location: San Jose, CA
How: Stolen Laptop
People Affected: 185,000

Date: 03-29-2005
Name of Organization: UC Berkeley
Location: Berkeley, CA
How: Stolen Laptop
People Affected: 98,000

Date: 03-26-2005
Name of Organization: Northwestern University
Location: Chicago, IL
How: “Security Breach” – Hackers
People Affected: 21,000

Date: 03-22-2005
Name of Organization: Cal State University, Chico
Location: Chico, CA
How: “Security Breach” – Hackers
People Affected: 59,000

Date: 03-10-2005
Name of Organization: LexisNexis
Location: Florida
How: “Security Breach” – Hackers
People Affected: 310,000

Date: 03-08-2005
Name of Organization: DSW Shoe Warehouse, Retail Ventures Inc.
Location: Ohio
How: “Information stolen” – Not sure how
People Affected: 100,000

Date: 02-23-2005
Name of Organization: ChoicePoint Inc.
Location: Georgia
How: “Security Breach”
People Affected: 144,000