Six and counting

Today, I picked up my 6th iPhone! This is my second iPhone 3G. Here is a brief history of my iPhone ownership and the interesting (and unique) problems I’ve had.

1.) Touch screen stopped working.
2.) Touch screen stopped working.
3.) Some weird short caused constant “device not designed for iPhone. Please use airplane mode” messages to appear, even if nothing was hooked up!
4.) Dock connector completely stopped working.
5.) iPhone 3G #1: Upgraded to iPhone 3G by choice. Hoping for relief. Just kidding! Glass screen began to delaminate from iPhone. Weird defect.
6.) iPhone 3G #2: Hopefully it will be perfect!

Some people have bad luck with iPods. I used to make fun of them. It appears I will have bad luck with iPhones. Stupid karma.

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