School Starts – Winter Ends

It’s almost like an unwritten rule of nature, or a law of physics that no one speaks about. The exact moment school started last Wednesday was the first time that we have seen blue skies in these parts of San Francisco since early June.

And it has been absolutely clear every day since! Not a cloud in the sky. The moment school begins and I no longer have time to take advantage of it, the weather clears up. Wonderful! At the moment, I can see the lights of the Sunset District going all the way out to the ocean (usually they are hidden in fog).

I took a photo this weekend out my bedroom window as the sun was setting. This is seriously the first time there’s been sunlight here in over 2 months. It feels great. 🙂

In other news, my roommate Kasi and I decided to venture into Golden Gate Park last week to verify a rumor. When you think of New York’s Central Park (and maybe Tracy can attest to this), what kind of animals do you think of? A few squirrels? Some pigeons maybe? (Of course there is the occasional alligator, but whatever, Los Angeles has that too. 😛 )

I’m willing to bet there are no BUFFALO in Central Park! However, you can find them in Golden Gate Park! Oh yes my friends. And I have the pictures to prove it.

There is a full on herd of buffalo in Golden Gate Park. It ranks as one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen. And it’s pretty random. You’re just driving/walking/running through the park and all of the sudden you come across this paddock full of buffalo.

Lastly, I was actually able to knock off two books on my list before school started! East of Eden and The Monkey Wrench Gang. I’m nearly done with A Walk in the Woods, but that might take awhile thanks to the amount of reading I must do for school now.