School Begins

School begins tomorrow. Since I don’t have “priority registration,” many of the classes that I wanted to take are now full. Ugh! So I have to fight and try to add them.

Regardless, the semester has some HARD classes, but I have a lot of time available to study. The classes I need/want to take this semester are Chemistry II, Physics III, Environmental Solutions and Problems, Swimming, and an independent research class for my senior thesis.

Providing I get into everything I want, I’ll have the following school schedule.

M: 10AM – 10PM
T: 9:30AM – 5PM
W: 10AM – 11AM
Th: 9:30AM – 5PM
F: No Class

So I have one particularly brutal day (at the beginning of the week… go figure), but it has about 3 hours in between each class (3 total classes that day). Sounds good to me! Here’s to hoping I get it.

Part of me kind of wants to not try and take a swim class… then I wouldn’t have to go to school on Wednesdays AT ALL. We’ll see what the next two weeks is like. Perhaps I won’t care much for it and I’ll decide to drop it.