A Packed September

Yay for modern technology! I just left school and am currently writing this on my laptop as I ride BART to go to the airport.

Anyway, September is going to be an extraordinarily busy month for me. Last weekend, I went on a camping trip with Meghan and friends to a place called Salt Point State Park. It’s a beautiful area along the coast of California, about 100 miles north of San Francisco. We spent a total of 4 days there.

On Saturday, we hiked roughly 8 miles around the park from our campsite, down to the beach and up into the mountains, checking out a variety of geology along the way. 😉 They have a pygmy forest there that is similar to one I’ve seen on a previous geology trip in Mendocino.

Sunday was interesting. We went canoeing on the Russian River, which is evidently a popular area for people to rent canoes in. It’s about a 10 mile canoe trip and we arrived at 10AM and were done by about 5PM. It was a leisurely trip that took the whole day. Before we began, we received an orientation that said about 1 in 5 canoes would flip over. Our group had 5 canoes and 3 of them flipped over. 2 of them within 5 minutes of starting!

We also had an interesting experience in giving some extra beer to a group of ladies who flashed us in return. It was interesting in the sense that they were the ones who offered to do that. We would have probably have given them some extra beer if they had just said hello to us. Regardless, it was a fun time for all involved, despite the moral accountability of some… or lack thereof.

We drove back home on Monday… having lunch at In N Out of course. The weekend was actually framed with In N Out, since we stopped by a new one on the way to our campsite on Friday. So that basically would make it a perfect weekend, no matter what happened.

Dan was on vacation this weekend as well and called me when he was in Lake Tahoe. I gave him some (limited) information on where we were going to camp and invited him along to hang out with us for the weekend. However, we were kind of flying by the seat of our pants and nothing was set in stone. I figured I would just call him when we got to our campsite.

So we get there, only to find out: NO CELL PHONE SERVICE! Crap! A forest ranger directs to an area down the road where there is limited cell phone coverage, so we go there. I leave a message on Dan’s phone (apparently it was garbled due to crappy reception) letting him know where we are. So we wait up the rest of the night for him and he doesn’t show up!


Apparently, he ended up camping not more than 20 sites down from us in the same camp ground… looked for us in the morning but couldn’t find us and then took off back to Tahoe. I felt rotten that it didn’t work out. Meghan thought she saw him in a camp farther down when she went for a walk in the morning, but wasn’t entirely positive. And Dan thought he saw Meghan but wasn’t entirely positive either. Ah well!

I’m currently on my way to the airport to fly home this weekend. Nate, Nic and their significant others are going out to Lake Mojave this weekend, where we will partake in some water sports with Nate’s boat (his graduation present)! I haven’t been to the river in so long, so I’m just itching to go. Of course I doubt I’ll get a load of homework that I have to do done, but regardless!

Then next weekend is Michelle’s 21st birthday, which we’ll be celebrating in Las Vegas. So yet another weekend that I won’t be able to get stuff done. But it will be a great weekend, regardless.

Hopefully September doesn’t screw me up for the rest of the semester. It’s kind of a bad start. I’m basically doing everything that I didn’t get a chance to do this summer.

I somewhat enjoy my classes, though I have absolutely no clue what is going on in my Physics class. I understand the concepts of physics quite well. Explain something to me, I’ll be able to explain it back and give examples. But calculating things? Ugh! Math has never been my strong point, and the math in this course is intensive! Plus, since I don’t have a strong grasp on it anyway, I feel behind. (However, I did somehow manage to pull off a B+ in my Calculus II class.)

Hmm… I’m almost to the airport. Time to put away the laptop and actually post this on the site later! Until next time.