One more stressful week

2 more weeks of school left, 1 of which is finals. However, I only have 2 finals in 1 class (mineralogy), so that eliminates a lot of stress. This is a good thing since this stress is again added back because this next week is another insane week! It’s pointless to even describe it at this point. But I’ve lived through the rest of this semester, no reason why I won’t live through this one…

In other interesting news, I found out something extraordinarily funny and somewhat depressing at the same time. For example, navigate to Google and enter the following phrase: horrible faces. Then notice the first link. Click on it if you wish, for it takes you to a rather unflattering picture of my sister and I! It’s actually pretty funny that we’re ranked number 1 on Google for such a generic term. Who knows how long that will work for, since they update their index fairly often. For posterity:

Google Query for Horrible Faces

Anyway, it looks like I have a whole weekend of writing papers and studying ahead of me (and I’m not even procrastinating!)