It’s what Thanksgiving is all about.

Pumpkin Pie - The Greatest Holiday GiftThe best thing about Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season isn’t the fact that we get and receive all sorts of love from friends and families, it isn’t the fact that people are so cheery (which they should be all year), or the familiar jingles on the radio that we missed (or dreaded) hearing all year. It’s all about how ubiquitous pumpkin pie is… my absolute favorite desert/meal of all time. I may not be able to live off of it, but I’d be more than willing to try!

So what’s gone on in the last week or so since I last posted? The usual: being absolutely busy. However, some great deity up above must read this blog and felt some sort of pity for me, because two of my exams last week were moved! To next week! That spreads things out, and slightly decreases the stress in my life. Until I think about an optical mineralogy exam on Thursday which we haven’t even had a chance to really go over the subject matter at all. Looks like I’ll be spending Wednesday night in the lab, along with some fellow students. So yes, another week, another 3 exams!

I also talked to the athletic trainer at school about my ankle. I’ve never sprained my ankle, so I don’t know what to really expect. It’s still sore when I pivot or if I walk too much. He explained to me that I could be looking at up to 8 more weeks of this type of pain! After that, I’ll be able to play sports that have a lot of high impact activity again. However, people who severly sprain their ankle have a 70% chance of respraining it again within a year! I think I should do it right now just to get it out of the way… 😉

On Thursday night, I increased the number of Klutzy-Things-I’ve-Done-This-Semester, setting a new record. My roommate Bre asked if I wanted to go out with her and some of her friends to get a few drinks. I almost didn’t know what to do, especially when faced with a decision such as hanging out with a few interesting people or staying in and writing a paper! We all went out and part way through the night, I am talking and somehow my drink falls out of my hand. And spills all over Bre’s leg and foot. Oh yes! That was awesome.

Dave’s Klutz-Point tally so far this semester:
Fall down stairs at school: 4
Spill acid on my notes in lab (whole bottle!): 2
Cut myself with knife in lab practicum: 1
Spilled potable liquids: Countless times
Spilled potable liquid on person: 1

I think that factors out to about 12 million Klutz-Points at the moment. I guess my goal this semester is to see how high the counter can go.

Friday night – Saw Napolean Dynamite. That movie was absolutely hilarious! I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a good laugh. Plus, the theater we went to on Haight Street was just completely rad as well. I will definitely be going back to that.

Our parents came up on Wednesday to visit Michelle and I. They stayed at her place and enjoyed it quite a bit. I personally like Michelle’s place a lot, and was anxious to show them my place, but somewhat apprehensive too, since I didn’t think it compared all that well. Evidentially I was wrong. Both of my parents were thrilled with it, and my mom even described it as “a modern mansion.” That feels pretty good. I definitely don’t see myself moving out of here anytime soon. I might even be getting a bigger bedroom too if one of our roommates moves out.

Our turkey dinner didn’t turn out as planned, but despite that, it was still fun. And I think we all made up for it by having extra helpings of pumpkin pie! OH YES.

They also brought the dogs up as well! I miss them and wish I could have a dog up here. We took them to the beach and they LOVED it. It’s too bad the beaches in Southern California don’t allow dogs. They had fun and frolicked through the waves with a lot of the other dogs that were on the beach too. We saw a side of them that we’ve never seen before. Took quite a few pictures too. That was enjoyable.

The parents and the dogs both left earlier today to go back home. That was nice to see them again and was probably one of the best Thanksgivings that we’ve ever had as a family. Michelle and I will be back down in So Cal around Christmas time though, so that will be the next chance to see everyone again.

Anyway, happy holidays.