Crazy tradition

Shortly after my last posting, I discovered a tradition at UCLA entitled the “midnight yell.” Basically, everyone in the neighborhood screams in unison at the stroke of midnight. I don’t mean scream as in cheer, I mean scream as in horrible, blood curdling, someone-is-stabbing-me-with-a-knife scream. Now, multiply that by about 500 people! I thought I was the star of a new horror movie!

Last night, I didn’t know what to expect, but I decided to prepare anyway. As the clock approached midnight, I heard lots of commotion outside. Allow me to introduce you to another tradition at UCLA: The Undie Run. Yes, hundreds of students gather to run down the street in their underwear at midnight! I have the pictures to prove it! Apparently, both of these traditions happen every year during finals week to help relieve stress. Definitely a great approach at doing it!

My sister flew home from San Francisco this weekend, so that will be nice to see her and hang out again. With my mom moving back to Mentone, the living conditions are going to be pretty cramped this weekend at the old house. Hopefully it will be done soon though! It is an incredible place to live, with the creek flowing through our yard, having the house complete would just be icing on the cake!

I’ve been running 2 miles everyday since I’ve been here. Trying to get back into my old workout routine. Evidentially I am seeing some results! I ran the fastest mile I have done in years tonight! 8 minutes exactly. I was hoping to break 8 minutes, but still, that is awesome! I think the last time I broke 8 minutes was in 9th grade! And I still had the energy left over to run the second mile! It’ll be good to be back in shape, especially if Dan and I get around to doing some hiking this summer.