My life would make an awesome reality show!

Seriously! What college guy wouldn’t dream of sharing an apartment with four girls? They are such a fun group though. This is finals week at UCLA, so everyone has been pretty much cooped up in their rooms and studying the past few days.

Doing some maintenance, I found out that my gallery was hacked sometime in the last few days. Four full albums were wiped out. I’m in the process of restoring them as I write this. Looks like it is time to upgrade to the latest version of gallery. That’s what I get for skimping on security updates.

I attended a few graduation parties for friends at Cal State San Bernardino this weekend as well as the CSUSB geology club banquet. Seeing everyone again was so rad. Of course it’s quite possible I might not see some of these people again, as we all move on to bigger and better things. Some pictures with friends this weekend:

With Jessica
With Amber
Most of the geology crew

The Cassini-Huygens mission has also returned some fascinating photos from its first encounter with Saturn’s moon Phoebe. Check out the awesome photos on the website. Hmm, all I seem to do anymore is talk about astronomy. How about some cool geology news?

Apparently there was a 5.2 earthquake today off the coast of San Diego. Despite having a job this summer where I am doing nothing but looking at earthquakes, it might be surprising to learn that I didn’t find out about this earthquake until around 5 hours later when I checked the messages on my phone. A friend of mine from SFSU has an internship in San Diego this summer and called about it. Apparently some people as far away as Ventura felt it, though I didn’t feel anything and I was sitting in a chair at that time. Pulling up a record for a seismogram at Cal Tech (which is about 25 minutes east of here), you can see the wave isn’t much bigger than the background noise.

I wonder when our turn is though? I’ll probably be back up in Northern California if/when that 6.5 hits. We’ll have to see!

I ended up driving around Beverly Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains today, looking at some spots for radio sites we want to use in an experiment. The houses up there are just incredible! There is a lot of money invested into this tiny area of Southern California. It’s pretty weird to think that I live minutes away from all these famous stars and musicians. Perhaps I’ll accidentally bump into Angelina Jolie while going for a run and be able to swoon her with my knowledge of rocks! Hmm.

Anyway, that is really all the news there is at the moment. Besides pretty much working all the time, there isn’t much else going on! I guess that kinda nullifies the title of this post. I did get my grades for last semester at SFSU. Let’s just say I’m not as happy with them as I could have been. I mainly attribute that to the fact that I was sick for a week and ended up missing some MAJOR stuff, which ended up having drastic repercussions on my grade.