A mandate of death?


In anycase, it looks like the people have spoken, and apparently they approve of the President’s policy of disaster and destruction in resounding fashion. Four more years of death, four more years of fighting a war that no one has ever bothered to explain if we can even “win”. How many more of our friends, relatives and innocent bystanders on both sides of the ocean will have to die for naught?

And while we’re at it, we’ve managed to strip rights from our fellow brothers and sisters in 11 states by creating laws that declare the marriage between two people who love each other as illegal. Somehow this is supposed to protect the “sanctity” of marriage, as well as protecting and preserving the family unit in the United States. Perhaps I’m just confused, but when the divorce rate in our nation is over 50% and people like Britney Spears can get a drunken marriage, only to have it anulled a mere 3 days later, it is my opinion that the institution of marriage is already completely destroyed.

It’s embarrassing. I guess I should ultimately come to grips with the fact that I live in an extraordinarily conservative country. And it appears to only be getting even more conservative.

I guess this also means four more years of being shouted down with informative remarks such as “If you don’t like it, then get out!” Perhaps it’s high time to consider that idea. Instead of UC Berkeley or UCLA for grad school, I’ll start looking at places in New Zealand, Canada or Sweden.

Just like the children’s sandpit
Just like the wild wild west
At random choose a target
It’s not enough to be second best
So you wanna fight them
The weaker one is always wrong
Yeah now you wanna fight them
A real man’s gotta show the world he’s strong

Stuck up, abuse of powers
It’s a part of a leader’s role
We only take what’s ours
A slick line to stay in control
Hate breeds more hate it’s easy to understand
To retaliate and to be a true macho man
Goes hand in hand

So show the world you’re strong
The weaker one is wrong
And I know it won’t take long
Until they’re dead and gone

-Millencolin, “Afghan”