Feeling down.

After debating with myself and thinking quite hard about who I will vote for, I finally cast my absentee ballot for Kerry and sent it in. I’m not all that happy with the decision, but after thinking about the other choices on the ballot, I feel that represents the best choice.

I have this sense of dread hanging over me though and I can’t quite explain it. I’ve been feeling down and I think it has to do with all the news of the election and what’s going on abroad. To quote some friends, “It’s as if there is some impending doom.” Judging by the polls that have been going on this past week, Kerry isn’t doing all that hot. Ugh.

I fail to see how the Bush administration has been good for our nation when we haven’t been this polarized and divided since the Civil War.

We’ll have to see what tomorrow (today?) brings I suppose.