Winding down.

This week, all the interns for S.C.E.C. are going on a geology field trip to San Simeon. Along the way, we will be checking out the sights and sounds of the San Andreas Fault, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. Expected to return on Friday night. This will be quite fun. It will also be the first geology trip I’ve ever been on where we stay in hotels! I’m so used to the whole camping thing. I miss it!Tomorrow, I deliver a presentation at USC on what I’ve been working on this summer. It’s roughly a 10 minute talk using Powerpoint. I started working on it yesterday and still have a bit to do. I need to crank out the rest of it tonight, that way I have something to talk about tomorrow. Sadly, the results are lacking. The reflection phases we’re looking for in seismograms are not there. That is a bummer. Despite this though, I have learned so much and it’s definitely been a fascinating summer.

In other news, my braces are now completely off! Oh yes! Pictures will follow soon.

Nic and Kristen’s wedding is in two weeks too. Eek! So much to do before then.