So our time in Wellington has been fairly relaxed. Tomorrow is our first full day of work since we’ve reached the North Island. It will mainly focus on aspects of geophysics, which is exciting since it is something I’ve considered for grad school.

Today was a half day that was spent with a tour of various parts of Wellington and briefly discussing the geology of the region. We checked out various scenic sights such as Mount Wright and Mount Victoria, as well as walking around the geology department at Victoria University.

A very large piece of pumice

Since today was a half day, we decided to take advantage of it and hang out in the bar in our hotel last night. We came across a rather interesting character who was dressed up in a purple jumpsuit. Naturally, we had to take a few pictures with him. My friends… meet “E.T.”

You might notice that I’ve shaved off my goatee! Oh yes. Everyone seems to think it actually looks better, and I kind of like it myself. Just a random shakeup I suppose.

Here are some random pics from the ferry ride over:

Lastly, I must say that Kiwis have some fetish with bizarre signs. Check these out