The Size of This World Never Ceases To Amaze Me

So here I am, half way around the world. John, one of the other guys in this field camp program, and I were talking about various research projects we’ve done. He briefly mentioned some work he’s done in the Caribbean on volcanoes there.

That reminded me of my old geology friends at Cal State San Bernardino, who were doing some work in Dominica one summer, before I transferred schools up north. I remember them saying they stayed in a hotel with another student research group who were from the midwest.

I asked John (who is from Illinois) if he ever worked on Dominica and knew of any students from CSUSB. It turns out that he was part of that other student research group! Incredible. Half way around the world and I meet someone who coincidentially knows a group of old friends.

Anyway, we have a day off today in Wellington. It’s been fairly laid back and it is shaping up to be another nice day. I’ll have to figure out a cheap way to take advantage of it. While I definitely love cities, they sure are expensive to stay in. Yikes.