Tut at Twilight in San Francisco

Source: Unknown

Last night, Kerry surprised me and took me to see the King Tutankhamun exhibit that is currently on display at the de Young museum in San Francisco. This is an exhibit I’ve been wanting to see for a long time and it was an absolute blast.

It’s hard to believe some of the artifacts on display were so well preserved and over 3500 years old. I mean seriously, how much of the stuff that we have today will still be around 3500 years from now and be in immaculate condition. (Note, my mom mentioned all our plastic products. Hah, good point I guess.)

Anyway, it was a fascinating opportunity to peer back in time and contemplate what life was like so long ago.

Bonus: We bought print outs of our cartouche, allegedly spelling out our name in hieroglyphs. Here is “David.”

Cartouche -

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