The Glamorous 909

At our bonfire on Saturday night, I got a call from a friend in Southern California who was driving by our old house in Redlands that night. She said that there were something like 15 police cars around and the front yard was taped off in police tape with a forensics unit on site as well.

This was somewhat scary because my mom had sold the house to my sister’s friend a few years ago (after we both moved to San Francisco). I told my sister about the incident on Sunday and she called her friend to find out what happened.

Apparently her parents were vacationing in Mexico and her brother decided to throw a party… which turned into a massive event. They started trying to kick some people out and somehow some people got into a fight. A 19 year old was sent to the hospital with a punctured lung and one other person was stabbed in the hand! Ugh!

A local paper has a small blurb about it.

Officers who were called to break up a house party Saturday night in the 1400 block of Cambridge Avenue arrived on scene to blood in the street and reports of a stabbing. Four people were taken into custody following the incident, including one man believed to be a gang member, but none is a primary suspect in the stabbing, police said.

At 11 p.m. police arrived at the intersection of Cambridge Avenue and Lincoln Street where dozens of people were filtering out of a house party that had 50 to 75 people, said police spokesman Carl Baker.