Stressed Out of My Mind

I usually handle stress quite well. I’ve always been quite a laid back individual and things don’t usually get to me. Lately though, I think stress is beating the crap out of me. My stomach has hurt this whole week (I initially thought I was getting sick) and I’ve had some fairly horrid headaches.

I think it’s a combination of things that are just hitting me at the same exact time: the amount of school work the next 3 weeks, shitty financial situation (and school DEFINITELY isn’t conducive to making it better at the moment) and various people. I’ve had A LOT on my mind lately and really no way to let it out or vent. Not sure why I keep all this bottled up inside me. It’s definitely not healthy.

Anyway, I leave for a field trip to Mendicino tomorrow night to look at soils (oh yay).

Tomorrow afternoon is the College of Science and Engineering Student Research Showcase. Something like 150 students from the college will be showing off posters of their work. I’ve spent to past 3 days designing mine and printed it out today. It’s 3 feet by 4 feet! But it is an AWESOME thing to behold. The first real poster that I’ve made for one of these events (these poster presentations are a big thing in science for some reason).

Next week is a massive field trip. 4 days up to the Lassen Volcanic National Park. I’m definitely looking forward to that. I fell like it’s the culmination of this whole year. Definitely a fun group of people too.

Here are some random (but VIVID) dreams I’ve had the past few nights:

*Tuesday Night – Family was on a vacation to Mexico City for some reason. We were staying in some swanky resort in the (tropical?) mountains around the city and looking down into the heavy smog (evidentially, it has atrocious air). Anyway, Michelle wanted to go shopping in town, so I offered to go with her. So we drove… A SHOPPING CART. Yes, we drove a shopping cart into town.

Where we passed a large commune of gay and lesbian punk rockers who left America to escape persecution. Bizarre, I know. But it gets better! We decide to visit the commune and see they are trying to live in a very environmentally friendly way. They have large compost piles. I walk up to see how their compost is doing (err… no clue why, perhaps its related to geology somehow?) and find that they are decomposing material by covering it with BATTERY ACID. Weird.

Anyway, I don’t remember the rest of it.

*Wednesday Night –
Dream 1: I was looking for a new apartment or place to live. For some reason, I decided to live in Beverly Hills (yet still go to school at SFSU?) on this small street with a bunch of movie stars. I found an awesome little mansion and called my parents to have them buy it for me. When they told me no, I threatened to never talk to them again! Weird!

Dream 2: Someone discovered this weird creature called a “mind worm” (I think I’ve played too much Alpha Centauri in my life…) that crawls inside your head if you have a tumor and EATS AWAY your brain tumors. Apparently it’s perfectly safe. Of course, the only way to know if you have a brain tumor is if these mind worms crawl after you. They smell them or something. But they crawl after you and enter through your nose!

So in my dream, apparently EVERYONE had brain tumors, because everyone I know was telling me about their mind worms and how I should “get some.” Then I remember running down the street with this “herd” of worms squirming after me… wanting to eat my brain basically. WEIRD.

I honestly think there is something in the water I drink. Or maybe it’s the stress? I also have a hunch that a lack of sleep (I’ve been sleeping 5-6 hours a night lately! Ack) contributes to these crazy dreams.

Can’t wait to go to sleep tonight!

Anyway, until next time.