Finals Week

This month has been horribly busy with all sorts of school work.

Last weekend, our volcanology class took a field trip to Northern California. Pictures are here. I also filmed a video of some of our antics in the snow. It’s a 5mb download.

The trip ended up being one of the best geology field trips I’ve ever had in a class. Got to explore a bunch of lava tubes and was just an all around great trip, with a great group of people. Of course there was the near death experience of a bullet going off in our camp fire one night (evidentially there was a bullet that was buried in a pile of pine needles that I threw on the fire).

Despite all of us standing around the campfire, the only casualty was a wine bottle sitting on a small table that had an entrance and exit hole (where no one happened to be standing)! Thank goodness.

I have a HUGE lecture final in Petrology tomorrow that I don’t feel too prepared for. Just anxious to get it over with. The petrology lab examination is on Thursday and Volcanology final on Wednesday night.

Almost finished with my last two papers as well.

Next week I am going to Utah and Arizona with a professor and a few fellow students for a research trip. Hopefully that will give me some ideas to work on for my senior thesis.

And when I return from the trip, I will be able to move into a new room! Oh yes!