Coming to an end.

I am now officially done with my internship. The past 13 or so weeks have been an amazing learning experience that absolutely flew by. Participating in actual research is tedious, but fun. I really can’t wait for grad school. Then again, we’ll see how I feel about it after two more years of college. πŸ˜‰

Last week was just incredibly busy. It started off with a memorial service for Dr. Mehegan. There were quite a few students there that I remember in some of his classes over two years ago. It was obvious by the large number of people there that he had a huge impact on so many people’s lives.

The rest of the week was basically working all day and then hanging out with friend’s at night. Got to hang out with my newfound friend Brandee again! That was definitely fun and nice to finally get out of the apartment and actually do some stuff. On Thursday night we went to a bar in Hollywood. There have been a few posts where I explain how crazy San Francisco is and what a small world it is up there. I’m beginning to think it isn’t so much San Francisco as it is me!

Towards the end of the night I saw a girl walk by and thought she looked extremely familiar. I remembered from where… I used to work with her up in San Francisco! Now, 3 months later and 450 miles away, I see her in a bar randomly. That was the craziest thing ever.

On Friday, as I was about to leave work and go back to the apartment to pack up everything, Phil called. It turns out he is visiting California for a week (he currently has an internship in New York) and was driving through LA. We ended up hanging out and checking out the Getty Center, which is massive. There was quite a lot of neat art there though (and even some interesting geology stuff! All the stones there are made of travertine and taken from the same rock quarry that was used to build the Colliseum in Rome). I also got to meet his girlfriend Liz. She is quite a rad person as well. They ended up staying the night at my apartment before they continued their drive up the coast to San Francisco.

Moved back here on Saturday and have just been pretty much lazing around at the moment. It is quickly dawning on me that I have an disgusting amount of stuff to do before I leave. I need to repack most of my things, think about which things I want to leave behind and take, reserve a U-Haul truck to drive up north on Monday, drop off some keys and parking passes to UCLA, tear down a deck at our house, since I promised my dad I would do that and also pack for a camping trip Dan and I are going on this weekend. Ah! The camping trip to the Sierras will be a nice way to end the summer and is almost reminescent of last year where we left right before school started.

Away for the weekend.

A few posts ago I was complaining how I didn’t get to exchange contact information with some of my fellow interns from the field trip. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, that doesn’t matter! On Tuesday night, I got to hang out with my new found friend, Brandee. It was definitely a blast! She is one of those crazy people you meet who just has an amazingly charismatic personality. It’s kind of sad I meet awesome people right before I leave to go back up north, but I think we’ll stay in touch. Anyway, you are definitely rad! πŸ™‚

Leaving for Las Vegas shortly for Nic and Kristen’s wedding. I can’t believe the wedding date is almost here. Time flies. This will definitely be an interesting weekend to say the least. I’ll be back on Sunday.

It happens to the best of us

Ouch. I just found out that one of my favorite professors of all time, Dr. James Mehegan of Riverside Community College, passed away of a heart attack last week, doing what he loved the most: kayaking. It is because of him that I am a geology major, and he has had such a huge impact on my life.

Last week as I left for my SCEC trip and driving up coast near Santa Barbara, I was reminded of a similar trip that I had made long ago in his class and made a mental note to write him an email when I returned. Too late now I suppose. πŸ™

You will be missed Jim. Thanks for everything.

The Central Coast is awesome!

Some of the prettiest areas I have ever seen in my life are along California’s central coast. There are just so many pristine areas, as well as scenic views. I love driving up the 1/101 freeways on the way up north.

I got to do part of that drive again this week as SCEC hosted a field trip for all of the interns. It was a fun group of people to spend the week with. We started out on Tuesday by doing presentations of our summer research projects. The highlight on Wednesday was a trip to the Hearst Castle (which is just absurd on so many levels!). On Thursday, we visited Parkfield and a new project that is under construction, named the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth. Friday involved a trip to Wallace Creek on the Carrizo Plains and then back home to Southern California.

Also met a lot of interesting people on this trip. Though as luck would have it, we didn’t have a chance to exchange contact info. There are quite a few that I would love to keep in contact with. All of the interns will be getting together at the end of September in Palm Springs, for the annual SCEC meeting though, so that will be a fun chance to see everyone again.

Finally getting a chance to go hiking tomorrow with a few friends. Nothing too rigorous. It will be nice to finally get a chance to do that this summer! Only 2 more weeks of this internship left, and 3 more weeks until I head back up to San Francisco. I am quite excited.

Last interesting bit of info: I was doing a search on google for “Rockbandit” and came across something interesting. I wrote a quick little review after seeing Angie Mattson back in June. Evidentially, my comments are now a testimonial on her reviews page. That is quite flattering. Thanks Angie. πŸ™‚

Alright, gotta get ready for a barbeque tonight with the gang.

Winding down.

This week, all the interns for S.C.E.C. are going on a geology field trip to San Simeon. Along the way, we will be checking out the sights and sounds of the San Andreas Fault, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. Expected to return on Friday night. This will be quite fun. It will also be the first geology trip I’ve ever been on where we stay in hotels! I’m so used to the whole camping thing. I miss it!Tomorrow, I deliver a presentation at USC on what I’ve been working on this summer. It’s roughly a 10 minute talk using Powerpoint. I started working on it yesterday and still have a bit to do. I need to crank out the rest of it tonight, that way I have something to talk about tomorrow. Sadly, the results are lacking. The reflection phases we’re looking for in seismograms are not there. That is a bummer. Despite this though, I have learned so much and it’s definitely been a fascinating summer.

In other news, my braces are now completely off! Oh yes! Pictures will follow soon.

Nic and Kristen’s wedding is in two weeks too. Eek! So much to do before then.

Top Braces Off!

Awesome! The top braces were taken off today, as well as some of the bottom braces. They are leaving some on for another week to get a tooth back into alignment. Then as of next week they will all be removed! The only thing that remains to do is to whiten them a bit and then fix my chipped tooth!

I am so damn happy. πŸ™‚

Dave with top braces off

Weekend of music

Drove back to Redlands today since I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow. I am supposed to get my braces off! I highly doubt that is going to happen though since it seems like there are a few spots that need to line up ever so slightly. We’ll see what they say.

I saw Tsunami Bomb this weekend on Friday and Saturday night. They put on a great show! I ended up bringing my digital camera to the show on Friday and took 127 pictures! I didn’t realize I had taken so many. After sorting through them and removing the out of focus shots and pictures of the back of people’s heads, I uploaded them to the gallery. Check them out!

Some highlights:

Mike Griffen

Agent M and Mike of Tsunami Bomb

And lastly, Em and I after the show:

Agent M and Dave

All in all, it was an awesome experience. As I’ve said on numerous other occasions, they are probably the nicest group of people I’ve ever met. I wish them luck on their upcoming tour. They are great!

Anyway, until next time!

Future college decisions: Taking a leap (off of what?)

Earlier this week I was at Cal Tech. That was my first time at that campus. That is such an amazing place. Their seismology building is just incredible. The more I think about it, the more I am definitely contemplating doing seismology in grad school. I talked to my research mentor about this today. Here is the catch: Most grad schools want applicants in seismology to come from a geophysics background. Thus far, the schools that I have gone to only offer programs in geology. This means that to stand out about the rank and file of other grad school candidates, I need something more on my plate (besides internships). It looks like I will be minoring in physics afterall!

This is something I’ve always contemplated in the back of my mind, but was never sure if I could do it, or even if I should do it. Now that there is a purpose for it, I’m thinking about it. Looking at the requirements for a minor in physics at SFSU, I will only need 12 more units after this semester! That is a whooping 3 or 4 classes (depending on units). Holy crap! Sign me up. As my sister (a fashion design major) said, “damn, maybe I’ll minor in physics too!” That might push my graduation date back an extra semester, but it is worth it in the long run. I’m willing to greet physics with open arms. Here’s to hoping it’s greeting isn’t a punch to the stomach. πŸ™‚

I put a cheesy video of me touring Michelle and David’s new apartment in the downloads section. Or you can directly download it here. It is a 34 second, 1.2mb download. You’ll need DivX codecs installed on your machine or a DivX Player to see the video. If you already have either, don’t worry!

I registered for classes today too. The schedule for this semester is 15 units (ack!), consisting of:
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Mineralogy, Physics 3 and Oceans and Atmospheres. Should be a piece of cake. Righto!

This weekend has two more nights of Tsunami Bomb scheduled. I love seeing that band perform. They have so much energy and are so friendly as well. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be back in town on Sunday night then if people want to do anything. I need to start thinking about stuff for Nic and Kristen’s wedding too. So much to do!

Proving time and again that SF is the world’s smallest city

I am back down in Southern California. My sister and I drove back down yesterday, and spent nearly 10 hours on the road as we took the 101 freeway down instead of the 5. Then we made a few scenic detours through LA and showed her my apartment here. (She was less than impressed by it to say the least!)

On Saturday night, I had yet another “Wow, this city is so small!” experience. Back in March, I met this amazingly awesome girl from Berkeley. Just crazy intelligent, great sense of humor, into excellent music and an all around awesome person. We hung out, even had a dinner together. Then never really spoke to each other again. That was kind of a bummer. Evidentially, the power of my dorkiness was too much for her. Hah. In anycase, I saw her at the show last night! I haven’t seen her in 4 months (not to mention that she lives in Berkeley), and I see her at a music club in San Francisco the one day I am up there this whole summer. This city never ceases to amaze me.

The show itself was awesome! One of the best shows I’ve seen Tsunami Bomb play (that was my 9th time seeing them). I guess it was extra special since they were basically on their home turf. Before the show, I was hanging out with some fans I know from their message boards, whom I’ve seen at other shows. Mike, TB’s guitarist (who I bought the guitar from last year), was walking around the sidewalk before the doors opened and saw us. He said hello and remembered every single one of us. It was great getting to talk with him, he is one of the friendliest people I have ever come in contact with. Once we were inside, we chatted about various guitar stuff as well. After the show, we were all back on the sidewalk and got to hangout with the band some more. Em, their singer, stayed until every single person who wanted an autograph was gone. That is so great to see. They are just the raddest group of people.

This weekend made me realize just how much I miss the Bay Area. I’ve been kinda down today now that I’m back down in So Cal. There’s things I love about both parts of the state though. However, I cannot wait to go back up north. Only around 5 more weeks or so to go though.

The one thing that I am kind of saddened for is that I haven’t really had time to enjoy to summer. Basically the weekends are the only time I am free. I’ll have a week and a half between when my internship ends and when school starts, so perhaps I’ll take a mini-vacation sometime then.

Anyway, off to a bonfire with the roommates and their friends! Ta ta.

Back in the Bay Area

I arrived at Michelle and David’s new apartment in Berkeley about a half hour ago. Oh man. I am so unbelievably jealous! I thought my place was awesome, their’s just completely blows mine away! (At least I have a rad scenic view!)

Basically, when our parent’s next come up to visit, they are going to have to look at my place first, otherwise they won’t be impressed.

My place: “Oh wow, this is nice.”
Michelle’s: “THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!”

They won’t have an internet connection until July 15th though. Whatever is one to do? Thanks to the miracles of modern technology (laptop plus this wireless card), I am now borrowing one of their neighbor’s internet connections. πŸ™‚ It’s scary how easy it is to find an unsecured, wireless internet connection almost anywhere now. Though it is also quite convienent.

Anyway, time for bed. It’s nice to be back here in the Bay Area. Even if it’s only for 2 whole days.