Our Sol is photogenic!

Back up in the Bay Area after the conference this weekend for the Southern California Earthquake Center. That was a pretty great experience. With all the free food and drinks, I think I’m definitely going to become a scientist for that reason alone! It was also great seeing many of these people again. My friend Brandee even got to meet my parents. The conversation with my mom afterwards went something like this:

Mom: “She is very pretty! And she’s so much nicer than your other girlfriends.”
Me: “Yeah, but she isn’t my girlfriend.”
Mom: “You know, you always go for the exotic looking ones!”
Me: “But I’m not going for her!”

I told Brandee and she got quite a kick out of that! Anyway, it was definitely a fun time, though I kinda tweaked my damn knee when we were playing volleyball. It is still sore. I still want to play volleyball tomorrow night over in Berkeley though. We’ll have to see how I feel.

Anyway, regarding the subject of this post, I bring you the following pictures. This one was taken last week while there were wild fires burning in Northern California.

Setting sun viewed from San Francisco

And this second one, taken when I was flying home on Saturday evening.

Sun reflection from an airplane