Everything is sore!

It feels like every muscle in my body is sore, making today most unenjoyable. How did I reach this sorry state of affairs? It all begins with volleyball.

I haven’t played a serious game of volleyball since I left high school some 4 or so years ago. I’ve been yearning to play lately, especially after watching the olympic teams compete. The problem is, I’ve had no one to play with up here. Interestingly enough, Michelle recently found out about these open court volleyball sessions they have once a week at the Berkeley YMCA. She told me to check it out, so I went last night! After not playing for 4 years, I played for 3 hours last night!

It was completely fun, and I felt ecstatic afterwards. I am definitely going to go back and play next week. They play 6 vs. 6 and many of the players are just awesome! I got some pretty good advice yesterday and quickly fell back into the groove. David and Michelle watched me play for a bit and they were impressed. That made me feel great. It also helped that I nailed a kill within the first 30 seconds of the game! Hah, awesome!

Anyway, flying home tomorrow! Have to present a poster at SCEC meeting in Palm Springs on Sunday and Monday. A poster which isn’t completely finished yet! Ack! Quite a lot to due before then. I am also taking a writing proficiency test tomorrow for SFSU and am somewhat nervous. No reason why I should be, but regardless.

Anyway, off to packing stuff!