On the road again

In 24 hours, I should be on the road and heading back towards home. The original plan was to have Dan and Nic ride with me and we would drive up to San Luis Obispo to meet up with Nate. We’d hang out in town for a bit, grab a bite to eat and then sleep. Then on Thursday, we’d all carpool up to San Francisco. This way would be nice since we’d break the trip up into 2 four hour segments. Thanks to the crazy storms of the past week, we may have to change up our plans. Highway 101 is closed thanks to landslides, so this eliminates a direct route to San Luis Obispo. Unless it’s cleared up by tomorrow, we may just have to push on towards S.F. and meet Nate up there on Thursday or Friday at my place. Ultimately, we’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings. It’s quite possible that they’ll have the 101 opened up by tomorrow evening since the storms are over.

This weekend, I spent some time hanging out with Brandee, a friend from USC that I made this summer during the internship for SCEC. For my birthday, she decided to take me to see a psychic. That was a fun/interesting experience. After driving around for a bit, we selected a psychic who was located about 3 blocks from where I used to live this summer. We walked in, told her what we wanted (a palm reading) and that was it. She went to work!

So what does my future hold? I will live to the ripe age of 82. I will not die from sickness or tragedy, just of old age. I’ll have 2 children, 1 female and 1 male. I’ll be married between the ages of 26 and 27. That was the general fluffy stuff in my opinion. Then she decided to delve into my past:

Lately, I’ve been seeking out too much advice from others and I need to just go with my gut feeling. (Interesting… I have been asking everyone and their mother about how I should plan this next semester after the hell I went through last semester. But then again, this seems like a general line you can feed to anyone)

I am disappointed with how I did in school recently. And I am not focusing on school as much as I should be. ( Okay, this is totally true. But then again, we’re right across the street from UCLA, it’s obvious I’m a college student. Most college students are striving to do better.)

She said that I went through some very difficult times two years ago. (This was downright wacky and scary. Exactly two years ago, I was in a relationship with someone that I thought was one of the most amazing people I had ever met that was is the midst of crashing into the ground. This was particularly difficult for me to deal with). But she says 2004 was better (she was right) and 2005 is going to be fantastic.

And lastly, apparently there is a girl in my life that I care for very much but she doesn’t necessarily feel the same way about me. (Err, I dunno about this. There are a lot of people I care about, so I can’t really think of who it would be). But she said to “give it time and things will change”. Of course she said this right in front of Brandee. By our body language, it’s obvious we aren’t dating, so maybe she was taking a stab in the dark? I’m not sure. Besides, that would violate my strict policy of not dating anyone from USC. 😛

We hung out at the Getty Center for a bit and then went to go to Dave and Buster’s. I started feeling naceous for some reason and had Brandee drive my car. Then I proceeded to spew my brains out all over the sidewalk on a few occassions. Oh yes. That was classy. It was nice of the psychic to tell me that I was going to be sick too! Oh right, she didn’t. 🙁

Evidentially I caught a nice flu bug that both my mom and dad were having at the exact same time. I was eventually able to drive the hour and a half from Brandee’s house back to my parent’s house (thankfully without having to empty the contents of my stomach). The rest of Saturday night/Sunday was a disaster in terms of this flu. Thankfully I am over it now though! I totally owe Brandee for driving us back to her place and putting up with all of that. She is the only person I know who has gotten a cheesy little Saturn to peel out. Hah!

Anyway, the next time I post, I should be back in the Bay Area!