Busy in the Bay

I’m back up north and ready to start school. Well, I shouldn’t say ready to start school though. However, there is still one week of winter break left before classes start.

Checking out the scenery from Grand View ParkMy close friends from Southern California departed on Sunday night. It was a blast having them up here. There’s something about having your close friends from far away coming to visit you that is just awesome. We explored some new parts of the city that I haven’t spent much time in since I’ve moved up here. Those were some fun adventures.

I was able to check out some new music this week, courtesy of one of my geology friends, Peter. His uncle was playing a show at a small cafe. Definitely cool! It’s always inspiring to see musicians play in small intimate locations like that. Maybe one day, when I have free time…

In other random news, I applied for a position with the California Geological Survey. I should find out whether I get the job or not this week. I’m crossing my fingers. It sounds like it will be a fun job.

I’m hoping to do something this weekend before school starts. Basically one last hurrah before it’s time to get serious again. I’m thinking of a small little camping or hiking trip. Still some more planning to do. At the moment, Point Lobos or Pinnacles are looking like likely places.

Lastly, I’ve added some random pictures in the friends section of my gallery pages. A group pic from New Year’s Eve at Nic’s, and a few group pics from last weekend, as well as a few more random pics thrown in for good measure.