Newly hired!

Got the job at TJ’s! Rad! So that will give me a much needed financial infusion. So far it has been pretty good working there and everyone I work with is really friendly.

The last few weeks have been extraordinarily busy though, between working and school. This past weekend we went on a field trip into Marin and measured a landslide that happened in the 1980’s for our geomorphology class. It was a busy day, but what an amazingly beautiful area. I will definitely have to come back there.

Last week I planned to drive back down to Southern California after classes got out at night. On the way to school on Wednesday, something like 2 inches of rain fell within 30 minutes, creating all sorts of flooding and power outages. School ended up being cancelled, so I took the opportunity and drove down earlier than I had planned. Though it ended up raining the entire drive home, so that was a stressful 7 hours.

I had an orthodontist appointment and I was dropping my car off since I hadn’t touched it while I’ve been up here and also don’t want to have to worry about parking tickets or it getting broken into. After my orthodontist appointment, I hung out with friends from all walks of life during the day. It was good to see a lot of close friends again as well as some of my geology buddies that I’ve left behind down there. Interestingly enough, one of the guys I am going to school with up here knows a friend of mine at Cal State San Bernardino. He went to high school with her and they both attended some geology classes together over at R.C.C. Crazy!

I bought an adapter for my computer so I uploaded some videos to the site. Check out the downloads section to see them, but I don’t recommend trying if you are on dial up. They are pretty hefty downloads.