It’s raining people!

I was coming home from school yesterday and got off the train like I normally do. As I’m riding the escalator up, I notice a rather frail old man in front of me. He steps off the platform and takes a few small steps, more like shuffling his feet. I was thinking to myself, “Hmm, that doesn’t look natural.” As soon as I finished that thought, he collapsed. As he fell forward, he landed on a lady who was in front of him. She was caught totally unaware and landed flat on her face. I remember exclaiming, “Oh shit!” I ran to old woman who was laying face down and to see if she was okay. A few other people did that same. Looking over to the old man, his eyes were rolled up into his head and he was on the ground shaking. My phone had no reception in the station so I stood up and yelled for someone to call 911 or get the BART police. After a few more moments of yelling this, one of the people working one of the transit booths ran over and told me that BART police were on the way.

Another guy went to help the old man, who had now come to. We picked him up and asked if he was alright. He was still completely unresponsive though and mumbling a bunch of random words. There was no way he could stand on his own, so we carried him to a railing and had him sit against it. Two police officers showed up a few moments later and started asking some questions. I explained what happened along with another lady who was tending to the woman who fell. After a few moments, the officers said we were free to go. As I was leaving, the old man looked at me, waved and gave a thumbs up sign.

Still no luck regarding the job hunt. Waiting for TJ’s to call me back. Crossing my fingers and hoping they liked me well enough. Back to the grind!