List of iPhones

Based on a recent discussion I had, here is the current list of iPhones I’ve had. 8! 8 iPhones in 4 generations. To be fair, the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 were flawless devices for me.

1.) iPhone 1st-gen: Touch screen stopped working.
2.) iPhone 1st-gen: Touch screen stopped working.
3.) iPhone 1st-gen: Some weird short caused constant “device not designed for iPhone. Please use airplane mode” messages to appear, even if nothing was hooked up!
4.) iPhone 1st-gen: Dock connector completely stopped working.
5.) iPhone 3G #1: Upgraded to iPhone 3G by choice. Hoping for relief. Just kidding! Glass screen began to delaminate from iPhone. Weird defect.
6.) iPhone 3G #2: Hopefully it will be perfect for now?
7.) iPhone 3GS: (Upgrade) Worked perfectly!
8.) iPhone 4: (Upgrade) Works perfectly, so far!

(See previously.)

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