Like a law of nature…

The summer solstice was yesterday, and like a law of nature, the fog arrived back in San Francisco on cue! I’m kind of bummed about that. At the same time however, I am happy that my “Law of the Wintery Summer” is still valid.

Summer Solstice = Fog for 3 months

Yes! Time to get used to it. I just had a feeling about that too… this morning when I woke up, I saw an AMAZINGLY awesome sunrise! So I decided to take a picture:

Sunrise in the Sunset

Of course, as the day goes on… here is the SAME view! Basically 10 hours later…

The fog returns

Yes! That is something I haven’t seen in quite awhile. Time to get used to it again! 🙂

Luckily, we’ve been taking advantage of it up here as the new house mates and I have been having some friends over for BBQs the past few days!