I’m a winner!

Woo! I love random trivia (especially trivia nights at bars too!). I’ve always been fairly good at it. However, I’ve never been good enough and neither I or any of the teams I have been on have won anything!

Until tonight.

I decide to go study and finish writing a geology paper (I got an extension!) at a local bar/coffee shop/art gallery called the Canvas Gallery. It’s an awesome little place about 5 blocks from my house and usually has these awesome events going on every night.

I checked the calendar tonight to see what would be going on and if it would interfere with my studying. Sure enough, it would! It turns out they were having an event called “Ask a Scientist” and tonight’s speaker was from the USGS! He would be talking about the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (who’s anniversary is tomorrow morning at 5:12am). Even better, they were having a trivia night about earthquakes with prizes to the winners! AWESOME!

So it started in 10 minutes, I packed my bag and booked it down the hill, making it just in time to get a scorecard. The finally tally, I got 8 out of 10 questions right, the highest score there! (And one answer was originally right but I erased it!) Yes! I guess it was kind of cheating… since I’m a geologist. Ah hem. The questions WERE hard though.

Anyway, I ended up winning this awesome book, signed by the author himself! Pretty productive evening.

Well, I never did get to write any more to my paper unfortunately. I should do some of that now though. I have grand ambitions to be downtown at 4:30am to attend the memorial service and should probably get to bed early.

It’s pretty crazy to think about though, especially after walking around the streets tonight. 100 years ago was a night much like tonight. Crystal clear, calm, quiet. No one really knew of the impending doom that was about to be unleashed. And it can happen at any time too.

Of course I’ve already heard numerous people in the last few weeks say, “Wouldn’t that be crazy if it happened again, right on the 100th anniversary?” I suppose stranger things have happened up here of course. We’ll see what tomorrow brings! 🙂