Grocery divider etiquette


Are you constantly confused on who is responsible for putting a grocery divider down when in line at the check out stand? It’s a dilemma that I often find myself in as well. Stephen Pastis breaks is down.

I am constantly confused by the rules of etiquette for the little plastic dividers you use to separate your groceries from the other guy’s groceries on the conveyor belt at checkout.

I never know if it’s my responsibility to lay it down behind my own groceries, or if it’s my responsibility to lay it down behind the guy’s groceries ahead of me.

Sometimes I end up doing both, guarding the front and the rear. That makes me mad, because it means someone in line has shirked their responsibilities. It’s people like that who deserve to pay for my wandering Wonder Bread should it stray across our shared border.


But yesterday, I decided to do something new. Rather than set the divider down perpendicular to the conveyor belt, thereby neatly walling off my groceries from everybody else’s, I laid it down parallel to the belt, right down the middle of my own groceries.

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