Back in Civilization

We returned home from our back packing trip last night at about 10 PM. It was a blast. We spent four days in the Trinity Alps (located in Northern California) and it was my first time hiking through them. I’ve previously gone on a trip to Trinity Lake with my cousin in high school, but we spent the whole week on the lake. I do remember seeing the mountains off in the distance though.

Our trip began on Friday. Hiking into camp wasn’t too bad, though my feet were getting real sore towards to end of the day. I guess it makes a difference since I haven’t done any serious backpacking in nearly two years. We setup camp roughly 9 miles from the trailhead, along a large creek called the Stuart Fork (which flows into Trinity Lake).

View from Sawtooth Ridge after the Caribou ScrambleOn Saturday, I decided to have a moment of insanity by attempting to hike a “small” trail called the Caribou Scramble. It was only 2 miles long, but according to some literature that a few people brought on the trip, it gained over 2,500 feet of elevation and contained over 100 switchbacks. Some people expressed surprise and doubt that I could/would attempt such a thing. I figured the view would be amazing and I like hiking anyway. So I set out and did it. Finished it in just over an hour and a half (and I only counted 86 switchbacks). I did get some great photos though.

The picture above was taken on top of Sawtooth Ridge, after I completed the Caribou Scramble. That is the valley we hiked up and we were camping in a group of trees north of the meadow (the camera view is facing roughly south). Factoring all the day hikes and hiking in and out of the Trinity Alps in the first place, I put at least another 32 miles on these boots. Excellent!

Of course I am now completely sore and stiff from this weekend and am just having an easy/lazy day. Amazingly, the only blister I received this weekend was on my right thumb, from my treking poles, after I completed the Caribou Scramble.

Anyway, it’s good to be back. Though being back in the fog isn’t the greatest thing in the world. I am thinking of driving home for a few days. I may try to leave tomorrow night (though it may be hectic, since BART workers are planning to go on strike tonight at midnight, which will throw the whole Bay Area into pandemonium).