A Funny Kind of Rug Burn

A bad rug burnWell I didn’t come away from that back packing trip unscathed. Evidentially, my pack caused my shirt to crinkle up, exposing my back. My skin was now in direct contact with the rubbing pack as I walked. It wasn’t until I got home later that I realized I had a rug burn of epic proportions. Oh yes! Check out that nasty picture. (It’s now a week and a half later and the thing is still with me and hurts whenever I move. Yay for Neosporin!)

Anyway, back in town after visiting Southern California. That was nice to see the parents again and check out how much is being accomplished on cleaning up our yard, but as usual, I have to say it’s great to be back up here in clean air (and hey! There hasn’t been much fog lately).

Dan was up here this weekend and I want to wish him luck. He begins his climb of Mount Shasta tomorrow. He’ll be back in San Francisco on Saturday before he heads back to So Cal. I’m definitely envious of him. Hopefully he takes a lot of pictures!