A Photo Journal

Alright, since I’ve been lame and haven’t had the time (or patience really) to write anything in awhile, I’m going to post a photo journal. Just a bunch of random pics taken in the last month and a half basically.

Mount Wilson Observatory (just outside of Los Angeles/Pasadena) while on my way back to San Francisco.
Mount WilsonOur roommate’s pug eating a playing card in my room.
Oscar the pug

One of the many random photos of sunsets from my room.

The 16th Street Tiled Steps Project (about 5 doors up the street from our place). This was just completed last month (and done entirely with private donations. Roughly $80,000).
16th Street Tiled Steps Project

16th Street Tiled Steps Project

Luxor Hotel and Casino at 4:30AM when we drove into Vegas for Michelle’s birthday.
Luxor Hotel and Casino

A nice blurry photo of more of the Las Vegas Strip.
Blurry image of Las Vegas Strip

A syringe outside our hotel room at St. Tropez.
Syringe outside of St. Tropez Motel

Crazy rays of sunshine one afternoon.
Rays of sunshine over Sunset District